What if I already have an online profile on another ID?

If you already have an online profile, no worries! When you are ordering your new ID, select the “yes please” option to the choice of including access to an updatable online profile. This will ensure that your new ID is engraved with a new Serial and PIN combination that can be added to your existing profile.

How will first responders access my online profile?

First responders will access your profile using the Serial and PIN numbers along with our phone number and/or website engraved on the ID. This is why it’s so important you activate your ID as soon as you receive it.

How will I activate my online profile?

To activate your online profile, log in to www.myroadid.com and select the “tools” dropdown under the profile listed. There will be an “activate new ID” option that allows you to enter that Serial and PIN combination located on your ID.

How do I get 6 months free?

To receive 6 months free on your online profile, simply activate a new ID to your profile. You will receive 6 months free with each ID activated.

How will I be charged for my online profile?

We made this part easy for you! We require a payment method at activation so that once your 6 months free is up, your profile will not lapse. We will keep your payment on file to auto renew each year, and notify you if we have any trouble with renewing.

What is an Online Profile?

An Online Profile is an extension of your physical ID. You unlock your own endless space to add and edit any emergency information at any time.

Can I see a sample Online Profile?

You sure can! Simply go to the First Responder login on the homepage and type in serial number 12345678 and PIN number 123456. This will give you a look into a real profile for a not-so-real person.

How do I create and/or edit my Online Profile?

Both creating and editing your online profile needs to be done from the website. If a profile needs to be created, simply select “create account” to enter in some basic information and get started. If any edits need to be made, just log in to the website with the email address and password you set up and select “edit profile” right under your profile listing.

Can I link multiple ROAD iDs to the same Online Profile?

Absolutely! You can link as many IDs to your Online Profile as you want. Seriously.

Can I add family members to my MyROAD iD Account?

Yes! We even stepped it up a notch with a family especially for this. You can add multiple profiles to the same login credentials and you will only need to pay one $19.99 cost for the renewal of each profile.

Can I order (or re-order) multiple IDs with the same Serial Number & PIN?

You cannot. Each ID will have a different Serial & PIN combination. This is to protect your profile’s security as we want to avoid your ID being delivered to the incorrect location or getting lost in the mail and a stranger having access to your medical information.

How Secure is my Online Profile?

Fort Knox secure. Seriously though, we treat your security and privacy as seriously as our own. So, you can trust that we will do everything possible to protect the information that you supply in your ERP. We not only use the latest Secure Site technology, but we also adhere to a strict Privacy Policy, and intense Security Measures. We absolutely refuse to share your personal information with any unauthorized business, organization, or individual.