Why is it named the FIXX ID?
Sure, FIXX is short and catchy, but this product has a powerful namesake: Jim Fixx. The, ahem, mature readers in the crowd may recognize that name. He’s a writer and fitness guru who helped make running a popular sport back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. His best-selling book, The Complete Book of Running, encouraged countless people to lace up and hit the road for regular runs.

Tragically, Fixx suffered a fatal heart attack while out for a solo run without identification. He was found by a passing motor cycle rider and later identified by a nearby business owner. We’re inspired by his spirit and legacy, and we think outfitting as many runners as we can with an emergency medical alert dog tag is the least we can do.

Why does the FIXX ID have a notch on it? 
For any military buff, it’s a direct nod to the classic dog tag designed by the U.S. military from the ’40s through the beginning of the ’70s - overlapping with both World War II and Vietnam. Originally, these notches had a strictly utilitarian purpose: They held the tags in place while they were embossed with a soldier’s identifying information. We’ve included it in our design as a subtle tribute to all the veterans out there who served with those original tags