What is included with the purchase of an Apple ID? 
Great question. The Apple Watch ID includes a custom-engraved, stainless steel ID faceplate that slides onto your existing Apple Watch Sport band. The Apple Watch ID does NOT include an Apple Watch.

Will the Apple ID fit on an Apple Watch band? 
The ROAD iD for Apple Watch will work on the standard Apple Watch Sport band. It simply slides right on, snug as can be. 

The Apple Watch ID fits all Apple Watch case sizes (38mm - 45mm) and all Apple Watch Series (1 - 9 excluding the Ultra). 

Does NOT fit these Apple Watch bands;

  • Sport Loop (nylon)
  • Leather
  • Stainless Steel

SPECIAL NOTE: The IDs are precision-crafted for Apple brand bands. If you have an aftermarket/replacement band that is not manufactured by Apple, we cannot guarantee that it will fit properly.

How will the Apple Watch ID affect the Apple Watch's signal?
Your Apple Watch signal will not be affected in the least bit. We promise.