You'll Never Believe Why I Needed My ROAD iD

I want to share with you the unique role that Road ID played in my life.  On my regularly scheduled Monday ride, I collided with a white-tailed buck deer!  I was going down one of the last hills leading into a valley at about 25 mph when I heard a thrashing running sound in the woods to my right.  The next thing I recall   was a buck deer (I remember the antlers!) and then the collision.  I became air born, flying over the buck and landing further down the hill.  The next thing I recall was being helped to the side of the trail by two RN's who happened to be on the ride.  They used one of their cell phones to call a nearby fire station.

When the ambulance arrived the first thing I recall was the EMT's and Para-medic's finding my Road ID hanging around my neck. From the information on the Road ID, emergency treatment began.  I was diagnosed with a separated and fractured right shoulder, concussion and numerous other strains, sprains and "stains."

I am happy to report that I am now fully recovered and still mountain and road bike.  I look forward to many more years riding. I hope that I will never need my Road ID again, but I will wear it with pride and never go out without it…it is a part of me P.S.  The deer survived the accident and hopefully will survive the fall hunting season as well.  I understand this was the first ever recorded deer/bicycle collision.  Rumor was, at the time, that the Arkansas game and fish agency wanted to cit me for hunting out of season, and not having a license and with an "unregistered weapon," a bicycle.