While biking he was hit by a drunk driver...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I am a Captain in the USAF, recently a member of my flight went for an afternoon bike ride at Red Rock National Park. While biking he was hit from behind by a drunk driver. The impact destroyed his bike and smashed him into the windshield. After impact he rolled into the back of the driver's truck bed. As the drunk driver continueddown the hill, horrified onlookers searched for my friends body, unaware it was in the back of the truck. What happened afterwards is a little fuzzy. The next memory he had was the first responders taking him to the hospital. My friend always bikes with your ankle ID. Because of this they were able to identify him and immediately contact his family.

He suffered a triple compound fracture to his shin and has staples from one ear to the other. I had my wrist ID on when I saw him after the accident and asked him if he was wearing his at the time of the accident. The answer was obvious. The story I have told you is from his recollection with some help from accident investigators. Although his path to recovery will be long and difficult, he feels lucky to be alive and credits the Road ID with helping save his life.

- Gregg .B from Las Vegas, NV