When he came to he was very disoriented...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I'm just getting started in long distance running and am training for my first triathlon later this year. My uncle is a marathoner and has been getting into cycling. Two nights ago he was hit by a car while out for a ride.

The car drove off and he was left on the side of the street. When he came to, he was very disoriented and couldn't get to his feet. He was in a remote enough area that no one passed him to help. If someone had stopped to help, they would have seen his Road ID and been able to contact his family. Fortunately, he only suffered a concussion and was able to walk himself to the hospital.

This series of events has inspired me to make sure I have some form of identification on me at all times. Thanks for the great product - keep up the good work!

- Ben .B from Marion, IA