Wearing ID is just as important in a group

by ROAD iD Staff May 19, 2021

You all deserve thanks for your product.  This past weekend I was doing a training ride in Deep Creek Lake Maryland, when another rider in the group crashed.  She went face first into the guard rail and was immediately rendered unconscious.  She had all of her safety equipment on: gloves, helmet, glasses and of course her Road ID.  I was riding with her, but knew nothing of her emergency information. Thanks to her Road ID, we were able to give the EMTs her name, allergies, and history.  Her family was 45 minutes in the wrong direction from the hospital she was Life-Flighted to.  How would they have ever known what happened, at that split moment in time, if she had not been wearing her Road ID? 

I understand that the First responders and Neurosurgeon both commented on how helpful the Road ID was, allowing them to get right to work without any issues.  Since the crash, I wear mine all the time...to work, in my car, etc.  I am ordering a Road ID for my wife, and it will be glued to her arm.  I hope this experience can be shared with others, so they understand the importance of wearing ID.  Road ID is not just for when you are alone, but equally important when you are with a group of friends.

- Reese .M from Wilmington, DE