We were reunited after fifteen minutes of terror

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

Our family not only endorses and loves Road ID, we have found that it has actually saved our son's lives.

We were at an outside mall and the kids were using the restroom together. My husband I were standing near the restroom talking and waiting for the boys to exit. When the boys exited the restroom, they didn't know to turn left and turned right instead. They walked into a sitting area where they then became confused and panicked. Seeing as there are lots of uniformed officers and armed security, they both knew to "tug the line on the pants for help."

Both kids told exactly what happened, where they were and showed their IDs. The officer was highly impressed that the kids had Road IDs which lists their basic info and parents numbers. He called and told us who he was, where he was and that both kids were with him. During this time my husband and I were panicking! We were reunited after about 10-15 minutes, but a lot can happen in that time!

Their IDs have their names, DOB, both mine and my husband's phone numbers. My oldest's ID says "AUTISTIC / ADHD / ON MEDS." That little bit of information makes a HUGE punch to identify, the officer said. Both my husband and I are diabetics, we wear our IDs in every situation. In case of any emergency, we KNOW that first responders will look foridentification and Road ID fits the bill, wonderfully!

- Shawna .T from Avondale, AZ