We're Alive Today Thanks to Helmets and ROAD iD

I recently told my adolescent son that his Mom and Dad are alive today because we wear helmets and Road IDs while cycling.  Awhile back my wife was clipped by a car's side view mirror while cycling. She was left unconscious and bleeding by the side of the road. Her Road ID allowed authorities at the ER to contact me.

Just two weeks ago I was riding in a group behind another cyclist when I was knocked unconscious by a killer pothole I never saw.  One minute I was riding and the next conscious minute I was in the ER at the local hospital. Evidently all the riders in our group had left their cell phones at home thinking someone else would have one. Thanks to my Road ID and an accommodating home owner that was nearby, they were able to contact my family who actually beat the ambulance to the hospital. Later I had an opportunity to talk with the ER doctor who treated me.  He told me he just ordered a Road ID for himself! Thanks for what you do!