Two Words on my Road ID Saved my Life....

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I started feeling really sick earlier in the day and was throwing up a lot. Late that night, about 2:30am I woke up to a really horrible pain in my stomach region--it was the worst pain I have ever felt.  I was alone at the time and called 911.  The paramedics pointed to my Road ID and asked which allergies I had.  They knew immediately what it was and used the information to contact my family.I had a serious infection and thanks to the info I have printed on the actual ID they didn't give me the normal antibiotic they would have used. If they had, I would have been dead within a few minutes. It's insane to think that two printed words "No Antibiotics" was the difference between life and death.They took down the information, front and back and put it on my chart for the doctors.  

Thank you so much for offering this service--if I had been give Tetracycline when I first came in (which is what they were wanting to give) I would have stopped breathing minutes after being injected with it.  There is nothing anyone could have done to stop the reaction. 

- Michelle .L from Denver, CO