They searched his pockets for I.D....

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

My dad, whom is a very healthy man, recently turned 69 years old. He was out for his usual Saturday morning run this fall and with no warning collapsed! He was fortunate to collapse near the fire house that is close to my parents home. There was a witness that could only have been an angel who started CPR. The EMTs from the fire station were there within minutes! They searched his pockets for I.D. then saw his Road I.D. on his shoe! Until that point he was "John Doe", and would have gone to the hospital that way.

He suffered a massive heart attack but there is a happy ending, he is expected to make a full recovery! He is a walking miracle. All the nurses, cardiologist and EMTs said how wonderful that he had that tag on his shoe!

- Margaret .H from Valparaiso, IN