The nurse really liked my Interactive Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

My bike accident happened quickly: a steep hill, a sharp turn, and some mud on the road were all it took.  The next thing I know I'm careening off the side of the road and into the woods!  My whole upper body was in pain, especially my collarbone.  Fortunately, I was cycling with several friends who were able to call for transportation and notify my wife.

In the hospital, the ER nurse wanted to know what medications I took and the dosage of each. I have a hard enough time remembering how to pronounce some of those names on a normal my painful, confused condition, it was nearly impossible to provide that info!  My Interactive Road ID, however, saved the day.  They were able to access my medical/medication information immediately.  The nurse really like my Road ID and indicated that she was going to get one for herself.

Update: Turns out I did fracture my collarbone, but I'm nearly healed and I'm getting ready to get back on my bike.  There is no doubt that my wife and I will be wearing our Interactive IDs every time we go out on the road from now on.

- Ed .T from Glen Allen, VA