The medics were waiting for me at the finish line

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I use my RoadID app on my phone both in races and also at home when I take long runs so that my wife knows where I am in case I run into a situation. I also wear a RoadID bracelet that has all my contact information in case of problems.

In the late fall I ran a Trail race, it was a sunny warm day. The trails where full of leaves, washouts and roots. About 4.25 miles into the race I tripped on a chunk of concrete and down I went with a very hard stop. Several other runners stopped and helped me up to a very spinning world. One runner stayed with me all the way to the end to the finish line. The medics were waiting for me at the finish line and cleaned the blood off my face and knees, then bandaged my head and knees.

 My concern was the 70++ miles I had to drive home with my head injury. I called my wife and told her of my head injury and that I was going to turn on my ROADiD app and if she sees that I have stopped, to just come and get me. I made it home safe that day, but had it gone a different way I know someone was watching out for me.

The ROADiD and ROADiD App can be used for other things besides running and biking. So I again thank the people of ROADiD for their superior work in making us runners, walkers and cyclist lives a little safer.

- J.C. .L from Owaneco, IL