The Medical Staff Quickly Retrieved My Info

Last fall, I entered my final triathlon of the year.  I started the race tired, and a bit burned-out, but I was confident that a season of great training would carry me through 70.3 miles.  Overall, the race went well up to the run.  That is when everything fell apart and I barely made it.  At the finish line I was immediately taken to the medical tent and treated for severe dehydration. The medical staff quickly retrieved my personal info from my Road ID.  The doctor in the medical tent praised my Road ID by holding up my wrist and saying "this is fantastic... everyone should have one of these."

  In response, others in the tent held up their wrists, proclaiming they too, wear a Road ID. When something like this happens to you, you realize that anything can go wrong anywhere at anytime, even in a semi-controlled environment of a race with hundreds of people around, including many friends.Thanks Road ID, for helping to keep us safe...both on and off the roads.