The driver didn't stop...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I was cycling downtown when a car turned in front of me, causing me to smash my head into the rear window. The driver did not stop to check for injuries and I managed to get back on my bike and cycle for two hours until I collapsed. I was hauled to the ER with very little memory of what had occurred.

Because I didn't have a Road ID at the time of the accident, I was in the ER for hours before I was able to tell the staff how to contact my daughters. The accident caused a Traumatic Brain Injury, which has led to severe prolonged post-concussive syndrome, a lesion in my right temporal lobe, loss of visual field, vision problems, ringing in my ears, dizziness, nausea, balance issues, and memory problems.

I now have a Road ID and wear it at all times. First responders have used it to contact my doctor and inform him that I was unresponsive and being transported to the ER. My medical team and family were waiting at the hospital when I arrived. Knowing a familiar face will be with me when I come to is very comforting.

Road ID makes it possible for my medical team to be at the hospital when I arrive, guaranteeing I receive the appropriate care I need with no delay. Road ID has been and will continue to be a life saver for me! THANK YOU!

- Pamela .H from Nederland, CO