Just so you know!

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

Just so you know, I so firmly believe in this product that I told a friend recently that he is NOT allowed to run again until he got his Road ID. I told him about me falling and hitting my head while running alone. (yes, I had my Road iD!) Thankfully it was daytime and someone stopped to help me and called for help, etc., but if it had been dark out, like when my friend runs at 3:30 am... the story would have been very different. After I told him the story, and made him swear not to run again until he got his Road ID, it was only days before his arrived. Now we don't worry about him running alone.

The other, and actually more important thought, is that I ordered Road ID to put on my precious husband's shoe. My husband has early onset Alzheimer's. When I called to set up Road ID for him, your amazing customer service person was so compassionate and helpful it made my very difficult situation a little easier. Now I know that if he wanders off, someone can identify him and call me. While I pray he never wanders, I know that having Road ID will help bring him back to me.

There are many folks like myself out there, who love and care for spouses or family members with Alzheimer's or another dementia. I'm telling everyone I know in this circumstance that they need to get Road ID for their loved one, too. It's another level of security for us.

Please consider adding this information to your marketing while I know your email below says that money is not the most important thing and your amazing price reflects that  everyone I've spoken with wishes they knew about Road ID for their loved one sooner. It's an awesome service and the dementia community would bless you and your team, like I do.

- Cheri