ROAD iD Really Does Help Save Lives

My father recently suffered a massive heart attack while walking his 5 mile route through the neighborhood. A passerby found him lying in the middle of the road and immediately called 911. He had a low pulse and shallow breathing, and he was completely unresponsive. The EMS quickly arrived and rushed him to the hospital, where physicians and nurses took crucial steps to provide the necessary care. They were able to use his Road iD to obtain his name, date of birth, emergency contact name, phone number, and "Go Bucks!" (he is a die hard Ohio State fan).

After numerous surgeries and procedures, which included 4 new stents in his heart, my father was moved to the Intensive Care Unit. Little by little, he continued to show signs of improvement. After 10 days in a medically-induced coma and intensive work by multiple specialists on his lungs, heart, blood, brain, and vascular system, my father finally awoke. After a total of 16 days in the hospital with exceptional care, he is now recovering at home. He is very anxious to get back to walking, and he will always wear his Road iD. We now call him the "Miracle Man".

As a loving daughter, I was SO happy to learn that he was wearing his Road iD. Everyone who has heard this story now knows the importance of Road iD and how it helped save my father. I have encouraged everyone I share this story with to purchase their own Road iD as it really does help save lives. Thanks again!