Road ID is my saving grace...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I have had a Road ID for many years now and it has, quite literally, saved my life several times. I’m a road bike racer, rock climber, and mountaineer. I wear my Road ID nearly everywhere I go.

Here’s a list of experiences where Road ID has been my saving grace over the years:

I was participating in a bike race when I caught a traffic cone at a very high speed, sending me explosively off my bike, breaking ribs, shoulder, and ridiculous amounts of road rash. My wife was called and met me at the medic tent.

A few years later, I was out riding when my bike chain snapped. I dove headfirst to the ground at 30+ mph. A bystander found me unconscious and used my Road ID to identify me and contact my wife, who met me at the hospital.

Most recently, I was out for a team ride and caught a pothole. My head made contact with my wheel, which knocked me out, among other injuries. One of my teammates was able to call my wife who met me on scene and followed us to the hospital.

On a lesser degree, I put my pertinent information on my Road ID along with an inspirational message to myself. I have had tough days while riding, climbing, being stuck in snowstorms on a mountainside, and lost in foreign countries (to name a few), and in these times, I look to my Road ID for the note to myself. My Road ID has served as a strong piece of motivation for many years and I cannot imagine going anywhere without it.

I love how simple, yet virtually indestructible, your product is. Keep up the good work, and keep being awesome!

- Andrew .N from Eugene, OR