ROAD iD Is a Fantastic Product

I am a Paramedic who works a Rescue shift in a busy suburban area.  In trauma situations, we are trained to treat the patient.  But, when the patient is unconscious it is hard for us to find underlying problems or identification.  When our work includes searching through accident or weather-related wreckage, finding personal identification can be nearly impossible if the victim/s are not wearing ID.

Road ID products are phenomenal. The ID plates are virtually indestructible and easy to read.  On a personal note, I'm also a patient with a chronic disease and I have a family that I love very much. If I am out and something happens to me, I feel more secure knowing I have my Road ID.  It will provide pre-hospital and emergency personnel immediate access to my personal and medical information so they can help me.Plus, my Road ID actually fits my 9 inch wrists.