Road ID was the little angel that ensured that my dad made it home.

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

This is a little dated, but my 82 year old dad, who lives in Oregon and also wears a Road ID, was involved in an accident in late November, 2017. Dad has slight dementia, one of the reasons he wears a Road ID. A couple of days after Thanksgiving he got in his car and started driving down the freeway at night in very cold, rainy weather. After driving for about an hour, he pulled off the freeway at a small town, and from there proceeded to begin driving up into the mountains where logging operations are ongoing. For reasons that are unclear, he proceeded to drive up logging roads until he could go no further and became stuck. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to stay with his car for the night. At first light he stepped outside to assess the problem, and fell down a slight embankment, severely cutting his head and face. He managed to climb back up the embankment, fashion himself a walking stick, and began walking back down the logging road that he had come up the night before. After 90 minutes of walking and quite exhausted, he happened upon a deer hunter who was out for the last day of deer hunting season. Apparently dad was almost incoherent, but he was able to show his Road ID. The hunter used some first-aid supplies to clean dad's wounds, called an ambulance, and then called the contacts on his Road ID, including my brother and my sister, who came within a couple hours.
That same morning, my brother tried to call dad, but of course received no answer, and were very concerned when they went to his house and found he had not arrived home the previous evening. Shortly thereafter he received the phone call from the hunter and proceeded to drive the 75 miles to the hospital, where they found dad being well taken care of.
I know that the Road ID assisted the hospital staff, as it states hard of hearing, heart bypass and other critical information. And it provided the phone numbers for my siblings so they could be called almost immediately. Who knows how long it would have taken to find and contact them otherwise.
Road ID was the little angel that ensured that my dad made it home.

- Mark