My ROAD iD Spoke For Me

my crash during the port dickson triathlon in malaysia brought the effectiveness of the road id into full use.  i would like to relate my experience which happened in malaysia, a non-english speaking country.  I apologize for typing mostly in small caps as I am typing with only the use of my right hand. the crash left me with nothing except my trisuit, polar hrm, one cycling glove, and my Road ID. i didn't even have my eyeglasses or footwear with me.  no passport, no mobile phone, nothing else.  i was whisked into the port dickson hospital and subsequently to seremban general hospital without any contact or anyone familiar accompanying me.

what happened in the hospitals was harrowing and no one could converse in english - except some of the doctors. my left arm suffered compound fractures with a puncture wound.  i was losing some blood but thankfully remained conscious.  it scares me to think what would have happened had I lost consciousness and/or not had my Road ID.

my Road ID was my only form of identification. i kept pointing out to medical staff that i was singaporean. the details on it were exactly the ones i needed them to know. i made sure i didn't lose sight of my vital Road ID even when they took it out to copy the information.  my Road ID also reminded me to keep focused on God and to rely on Him to get me out of the situation safely.

i bought my Road ID for my personal safety and also as a statement to tell others of the importance of carrying identification while training, competing or even on holiday.  i always have it with me – either on my wrist or attached to my computer bag when i go to work.  engraved on my id is my name, nric, nationality, emergency contact numbers, blood group, nkda (no known drug allergies) and my mantra – Luke 1:37 "nothing is impossible with God."  i chose yellow because it replicates the Livestrong band, which is also a motivating symbol that nothing is impossible.

UPDATE:In July, I was the Gold recipient of the Singapore Sporting Inspiration Award - an award that is given to individuals who have contributed to the sports scene by inspiring others to take on a healthy lifestyle.This year, work has caught up so thing's have kind of slowed down for me in terms of taking part in races. However, I still do my regular swims and runs with friends and colleagues. And my Road ID is always with me.