My Road ID provided vital information

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I am writing this testimonial to let everyone know the value of my Road ID.  On January 3, 2009 I was finishing up a 60 mile group ride.  During the last mile of the ride my front tire went into a rut in the roadway.  My bike began to wobble out of control.  I was thrown from the bike at 20 mph into a concrete wall.  I was conscious, but confused and could not answer standard routine questions such as my birth day or the year it was. 

Paramedics were called, and I was loaded into the ambulance.  On the way to the hospital the medic contacted my emergency number on the Road ID that I was wearing on my wrist and was able to get vital medical information, which assisted them in treating me prior to my arrival in the ER. 

I work in the medical field and know the value of identification; however, it is also the life saving information that is gained by calling someone who is listed on the ID, and or reading the ID that makes the difference.  Let me tell you, I will never be caught out without my Road ID

- Gene .H from Tucson, AZ