My Road ID may have saved my life

I want you know that my Road ID may have saved my life on Sunday.
I want you know that my Road ID may have saved my life on Sunday.  I was running the Surf City half marathon when I went into full anaphylaxis shock at mile 10.  I struggled to finish the race.  When I crossed the finish line, I could not speak, breathe, or see. I was taken immediately to the Medical Tent. I heard someone yell "RESPIRATORY" and remember being surrounded by doctors and nurses.  They injected an EpiPen into my right hip, forced 3 Benadryl pills down my throat, started an IV and strapped on an oxygen mask. My oxygen was very low, as was my blood pressure and heart beat.

The doctor said that I was not getting any air into my lungs and to call 911.  I just kept thinking..."How did this I about to die?"  The ambulance came and I was quickly transported to the hospital.

The nurses and MDs, during these desperate moments, were trying to get my contact information to call my family.  My Road ID allowed my parents to be contacted. The hospital was then able to get the information they needed to properly process my paperwork and medical history.

I have never had such a serious scare when running. I hope I never will again.  I take great comfort, however, in knowing I will always have my Road ID with me.  I plan on wearing it all the time now...not just when I am out running.   You just never know what can happen.

Note:  I originally bought my Road ID (and my sister's) for training runs when we go out alone.  I never thought the place I would end up needing it would be at a race with 40,000 other people around.  I actually only wore it that day because it matched my outfit. :-)  It was pink and so was my running skirt. Thank you again for what you do.

- Allison .B from Atlanta, GA