My ROAD iD Got My Treatment Started Right Away

My Road iD was put to use when I was riding in the Big Dam Bridge 100. I was near the back of a pace line cruising along at 20+ mph. Suddenly the bike in front of me veered sharply, and I was looking at a huge pothole. I remember watching my front wheel drop into the hole and stop turning. At about that moment, I lost consciousness. Next thing I know, I was loaded into an ambulance that was underway, and the EMT started to get information from me. I was still dazed and not in good shape to answer questions. I just pulled out my Road iD necklace and the EMT started copying the information, including the fact that I was taking anti-coagulants.

I do remember that she commented on the fact that most accident victims DO NOT have the information on them that allows the ambulance crews to get the information they need to start initial treatment. It was then, that I realized how important it is to wear ID.

Update: Turns out I had a concussion, a cracked rib, and a lot of road rash.  Not good, but my condition could have been much worse. I'm happy to report I was back on my bike in two weeks.