My Road ID got me to the right hospital!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product -- one that I always wear and actually had to use in a recent emergency. I was out on a routine training ride when, while making a left turn, a pickup truck struck me from behind. While I lay unconscious for about 20 minutes, a lady arrived at the scene and used my Road ID to call my dad. Not only did this allow my parents to start their 3 hour drive from home faster, but my dad was able to convince the EMTs to take me to the right hospital. This allowed me to receive the best care I could, as quickly as possible. In total, I broke a tibia, clavicle, rib, nose, little piece of my spine, and a couple of teeth. I also had plenty to of road burn. I am now making what I hope will be a speedy recovery.

Before the accident, I wore my Road ID 24-7. They cut it off my wrist afterward, but I have since gotten a new one. My mom has the old one in her jewelry box and calls it "the most valuable piece of jewelry in our family”.

Thanks, again!

- Ian .R from Vienna, VA