My Fight-or-Flight Instinct Took Over

About 3 years ago, I was running home in the evening after doing some track miles. I was lit up, easily visible and only a mile away from home in a safe suburb south of Denver. 

A couple blocks into my run, a car whizzes past me. I see an open window and the next thing I feel is a sharp pain on my side and I can smell something burning. It takes me a minute to realize I was shot by an air gun. My fight-or-flight instinct took over as I ran a block to our neighborhood fire department. I knocked crazily on their door and I remember them asking questions. All I could do was show my ROAD iD as I cried and pointed to my side. With that information they were able to contact my emergency contact. 

I was ok, but I still have recurring flashbacks when running at night. I haven't stopped running NOR have I ever gone without my ROAD iD. My children and my mother sport IDs as well!