My father was found unconscious with no heart beat

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I want to thank you for your foresight in creating such an impactful product and to relate a quick story.

I’ve been a Road ID wearer for many years. My 75 year old Dad watched me compete in a few Ironmans and subsequently caught the triathlon bug (better late than never!). I bought him a Road ID when he bought his first road bike.A couple years later, he was out on his daily 20 mile ride when he was found on the side of the road unconscious and with no heartbeat. A good samaritan quickly jumped into action, performing CPR to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived. We still don’t know who she was, but she undoubtedly saved my Dad’s life.

My Dad wasn’t riding with his wallet, but he had his Road ID on his cycling shoes. That ID allowed the police to head straight to my Mom and allow her to get to the hospital shortly after my Dad was wheeled into the cardiac catheterization lab. That saved precious minutes and hours in the event the worst occurred, which fortunately, it did not.

Thanks to that good samaritan, his Road ID and the skilled medical team at Health Park Hospital in Ft Myers, FL, Dad is expected to make a full recovery! Thanks you for all that you do.

- Douglas .J from Sammamish, WA