My dad was unable to speak due to his injuries

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

After years of being away from it, my dad started riding a motorcycle again. I insisted that he wear a Road ID. I knew he would probably never need it, but just in case. Well, the "just in case" became our reality recently.

We were riding together through the mountains of Virginia when a deer crossed my dad's path. With no place to go, a collision between my dad and the deer was unavoidable. My dad was unable tospeak due to his injuries, and I was too shaken up to give proper information. Thankfully, Road ID spoke for him. Dad was helicoptered from the crash site while I followed on my bike. Before I even made it off the mountain the hospital was calling me because I am the primary contact listed on his ID. When I arrived at the hospital the staff there told me the information on his Road ID was so important in getting him the medical care he needed quickly.

Dad is out of the hospital and healing from numerous broken bones and a punctured lung. He will get back on a bike again one day, though not without his Road ID.

- Jeff .H from Sykesville, MD