My 6-Year-Old Showed her ID & We Were Reunited in Minutes

When my kids were four and six years old, we got them both ROAD iDs as we were not sure they would remember our phone numbers in an emergency.

A few years ago, we were visiting family in New Orleans and went to a Mardi Gras daytime parade. My six-year-old daughter followed one of the floats, trying to get beads, and we lost her in the crowd.

She remembered what we had said about getting lost— find a mom and have her call us. We figured finding a mom was easy for kids since they are typically easy to approach. My daughter spotted a woman and told her that she couldn’t find her parents. She held out her hand with her ROAD iD on it and read my phone number. She called me and we were reunited.

She was only missing for about 3 minutes, but it always seems like forever when a loved one goes missing. The mom who helped reunite us immediately bought 2 ROAD iDs for her kids, and the 4 other families we were with did the same.

My daughter never panicked and I think it was because she had this cute little bracelet on. It stays on her all the time so she was used to it and knew it was important.