Well you will be touched by our reason to buy your product

by ROAD iD Staff May 14, 2021

Well you will be touched by our reason to buy your product. Sadly, our son had a seizure in sept that alerted us to a GBM (the most deadly form of brain cancer). He is a runner, so when we were looking for a product that we could engrave with an emergency contact phone number should he ever have another seizure and be unable to speak for himself, we thought of your product! Like everyone who uses your product, we hope it's never needed!! But I can tell you that it gives me comfort that, as he navigates the NYC subway system and streets just getting to work (not necessarily running) there's a way to identify an emergency contact. If you'd like to know more about our warrior, please visit the website our other son created for our non profit designed to raise money for brain cancer research. There is no cure for what our son has, but we are committed to make a difference in trying to fund one!! Meantime, he remains strong, runs 3 miles a couple times a week and our other son is training for the NYC marathon. His platform is of course raising awareness.

- Betsy