It Was So Helpful To Me

I wanted to tell you how one of your products helped me last week. I was running in my neighborhood, and didn't feel the need to carry my phone or driver's license. I did have a shoe ID on my shoe.

When my run was nearly finished, I was attacked by 3 dogs that were running loose in my neighborhood, and had to go to the hospital. In the ambulance, the paramedic mentioned the ID on my shoe (he thought it was pretty cool) and looked at it to see that there were 2 phone numbers on it for emergency contacts.

Since I didn't have my phone and don't know anyone's phone number, I was able to call these numbers when I got to the hospital. It was so helpful to me to have these phone numbers so that a friend could come to the hospital. I never really thought I would need the shoe ID, but am so glad that I had it.

- Debbie