The paramedic had called my wife

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

I appreciated your email. I would not normally respond to what is clearly an informational email, but I wanted to tell you that, while not saving my life, my ROAD iD did help during an accident last November.

While bicycling along a road near my home, I apparently hit a pothole that was concealed by leaves and crashed the bike. My Garmin showed that I traveling at a little over 23 MPH at the time. I was knocked unconscious. A passing motorist called an ambulance. I regained consciousness in the emergency room. The paramedic in the ambulance had taken my ROAD iD off and had called my wife while we were on the way to the hospital. The hospital staff had already looked me up in their database and had a chart put together before I was able to tell them anything.

No broken bones, just a dented helmet. Other than a concussion, it was only stiches, cuts and abrasions.

- David