I'm Confident That if I Get Hurt or Injured, I’ve Got My ROAD iD.

I was riding on a hot (!) January day in Florida ….! What a beautiful day, riding along the Central Florida Bike trail, on a just tuned-up bike, feeling GREAT!

Some kids were walking along the trail up ahead, so I moved out to the street and rode for a few hundred yards. I remember riding along and hitting a small rock or pebble and I remember my handlebars becoming unstable….then…the next thing I remember is talking to the paramedic.

He already had me loaded into the “system”, since my name and address are on my ROAD iD, and asked me if I knew where I was…I told him if he could tell me where I was sitting, I could tell him where I was…we were on the grassy knoll in front of Hungry Howie’s, and I responded ‘2.3 miles from home’!

Yeah, I was OK, I needed 17 stiches in my forehead, I had a dislocate elbow, road rash and some cuts, but I survived…I needed a new helmet, new gloves, and new sunglasses but everything else had survived pretty much without a scratch…I’ve ridden many times since then, confident that if I get hurt or injured, I’ve got my ROAD iD to take care of me!

- Jeff