I was involved in a near fatal bicycle accident...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I was involved in a near fatal bicycle accident. Not only did your bracelet provide name, contact information and allergy information to the first responders and the hospital, it helped saved my life. Since I was thrown over the bars and head first into the pavement, I was knocked unconscious. Even though the reports say that I regained consciousness and was alert,I don't recall anything until about a week later. This in itself should tell you how important my Road ID was in my case, but it went further.

Due to major internal injuries, I was rushed immediately to the ICU and into surgery. They kept me in a medicated coma for 4 days with a surgery each day. Upon reading the medical reports, I would see a directive to administer an anti-inflammatory during this time. Since my Road ID clearly indicated allergies to Aspirin, NSAIDS and anti-inflammatory drugs, an attentive nurse caught this mistaken directive and alerted the on call doctors that I was allergic to the medication they were about to give me. This happened more than a few times during this first week.

Needless to say, with multiple rib fractures and a severely punctured lung, breathing was already compromised. My allergic reaction to this medication is respiratory distress which certainly would have caused additional complications.

Due to the massive internal bleeding, the doctors needed to work quickly and my Road ID provided all the information needed to put a name to the face, contact my wife and alert them to my allergies.

- Todd .B from LA CRESCENTA, CA