I was completely disoriented…

by ROAD iD Staff May 19, 2021

I am a marathon runner, and up until a few months ago I never thought I needed to carry identification with me while I ran. Back in March, I had a very scary incident on an easy 5 mile training run. I felt dizzy, saw black spots, and suddenly woke up in the back of an ambulance. I was completely disoriented and didn't remember where I lived, the date, or a contact number for a relative. If I had Road ID at that time, it would have made for a much less complicated situation.A few months later, I saw an advertisement for Road ID at a running shop, and had goose bumps reading the testimonials from other runners. I read them to my family members, and they INSISTED I purchase Road ID. Thanks for making a product that will not just put me at ease, but also my family. Life is too unpredictable to not have it!

- Mary Pat .P from Euclid, OH