I NEVER get on my bike without my Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I have read many of your testimonials and I am a vocal advocate for Road ID every chance I get. My Road ID, along with my helmet, are two things that I NEVER get on my bike without, and I had hoped that I would never need to rely on either. Yesterday, unfortunately, I needed both.

I was out for a nice Sunday ride,and about 42 miles in, a gentleman wasn't paying attention and clipped me with his side mirror going about 45 mph. The First Responders arrived and started asking me questions, so I simply handed them my Interactive Road ID Elite and said everything you need can be found here. A few minutes later, the police officer handed it back and said that it was one of the coolest IDs she had ever seen.

As if there would ever be a reason not to wear it, I for one, have no intention of ever taking it off again. My wife, 10 year old son, and 7 year old daughter all wear one as well. 

Thank you and the staff at Road ID for everything you have done. 

- Trey .K from Olathe, KS