I knew my Road ID was my only chance....

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

After a workout at our local YMCA, I collapsed from a potassium drop and was rapidly becoming paralyzed. Of course, the only thing I was wearing at the time was my Road ID and my wedding ring! By the time the ambulance came, I was only able to speak, but I was confused and could not think clearly enough to convey my very complicated health history. The ambulance driver saw my wristband and kept asking me questions regarding the information.  I could tell he was scared because of how complicated my medical history was, but I could tell it was helping him figure out what he needed to do. I knew that was my only chance. 

I have a Neuro-stimulator implanted in my spine to help me manage chronic pain. Years ago, you helped me get the most important information written on the ID plate. Your ability to walk me though that process made saving me possible...I thought I was dying. All I could see was my husband trying to tell my kids.  Then, due to my wristband, the right medication was administered and within minutes, things were improving. 

Without this, who knows how long it would have taken them to be able to help. Who knows if help would have come in time?  I love your company more than any other company in the world.  

Thank you so much!

- Michelle .M from Evanston, IL