I Could Have Used A Road ID!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

It was an early Wednesday morning. I headed off to the local hill to meet a few teammates for some intense training. My husband kissed my forehead and told me to ride safe - just as he does every morning. This morning, however, would not be so safe. I chose to ride a few side streets to avoid the early morning traffic. As I came to a four way stop sign with a car next to me. The driver and I went at the same time, but another driver blew right through the intersection and sandwiched me between her bumper and another car's fender.

There I was - out cold. I woke up later, completely disoriented. I saw my bike crunched into the car, but I couldn't remember much of what had happened. I was terribly panicked - afraid the lady who hit me was going to finish me off. When the fire department arrived, they asked me for identification, but I had none to give them. Then, they asked if they could call someone to help me. I was so dazed that I didn't know who to call - or even a number. That really scared me. I couldn't even remember my home phone number. I was hurt, scared and around a bunch of strangers. I really wish I had a form of ID that day.

Now, I wear a Road ID and would never think about leaving without it. It gives me and my family peace of mind, and that's PRICELESS! Thank you Road ID.

- Jenn .S from Long Beach, CA