I Am Forever Thankful For This Bracelet

A coworker of mine has a ROAD iD and I really liked it. At first, I got one just because I realized I don’t take my ID or phone when I go on hikes and a ROAD iD would be helpful. I put my allergies on it and everything that I consider important information. Luckily right after I got it, I put it on and went to work.

That night at work I ended up having an “attack” (from a medical condition).

The only medication on-hand turned out to include an ingredient that I am allergic to. Another coworker checked my ROAD iD and checked the medication information on it. Because of that info, he was able to find me a different medicine and saved me a trip to the ER.

I would be paying a very large medical bill if it wasn’t for my ROAD iD and my coworker looking at it prior to giving me medicine. I am forever thankful for this bracelet.

I love the way it looks and I constantly forget it’s there. Definitely recommend getting yourself a ROAD iD.

-Mackenzie K