I'm a paralympic cyclist because of my injuries

I was hit directly from behind by a pickup truck while cycling when I lived in Lousyana...oops, I mean, Louisiana. Long story short, I was life-flighted out of there. I ended up with 4 cracked ribs, 3 compressed vertebrae, left tib-fib compound fracture, ankle fracture into 6 pieces, major road rash all over (face, knees, hands, butt/hamstring), severed ureter from left kidney. My kidney ruptured 3 weeks later because the severed ureter wasn't known about, and the kidney had to be removed 10 months after the accident. This all happened back in November 22 (thanksgiving day) 2012. I was wearing a Road ID and that's how the people that stopped to help called my emergency contact. Had I not been wearing it, EMTs wouldn't have know my medical history and previous injuries on the spot. I can go into much more detail, but here's a 12 minute long documentary that my bike sponsor Cannondale did on me. Just a caveat, I was still recovering from my second accident so I was about 20 lbs heavier.


Also, People For Bikes wrote an article on me kinda talking about my story:


I'm a paralympic cyclist because of my injuries now, but I also pilot tandem bicycles for blind/visually impaired paralympic cyclist. ESPN did an interview when I help a marine compete in the 2017 Warrior Games.

- Jorge