As a physician, you have a customer for life

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

As a physician and an endurance athlete, I have been a huge proponent of Road ID -- not only do I use it while running and biking, but I have also given many to friends and relatives. I even make a point to "advertise" to fellow competitors and patients every chance I get. Last Tuesday, as I was completing the final 2 milesof a 44 mile ride, I woke up in an ambulance en route to a trauma center. I was apparently hit by an 18-wheeler in the bike lane and lost consciousness for a period of time. I was very fortunate to have only obtained a couple arm and hand fractures, 2 broken ribs, and a lot of bruises. My Road ID bracelet went uninjured in the crash and the first responders were able to notify my wife immediately as well as relay my basic information to the hospital personnel. You already had a customer for life, but I am now even more of a believer, and will continue to be one of your best salesmen.

Thanks again for a great product, and I wish you continued success.

- Richard .P from Atlanta, GA