by ROAD iD Staff May 07, 2021

I had a bike accident on rough roads when we should not have been in such an aggressive paceline. Lesson learned. The person in front of me avoided one road problem but I got stuck in another and went down and the whole sequence of 4 people followed me. Two of us got into the ambulance, and no one was in acute distress. When we got to the emergency department they ask for my medications and I took off my road ID and they called. They were really impressed at how easily they learned everything I was taking. The ID held up really well. I wear it constantly. The strap is a simple blue plastic item which my puppy likes to chew but he has not made any progress on it. I have recommended Road ID to everyone , even people who do not ride the bike. One friend who has MS takes long walks and needs to have an assist when he does. I've been wearing Road ID for 3 years now and I really like everything about it.

- Anonymous