Sometimes we meet people who change our perspective on life.

We go about our days wishing for lower living costs and higher pay. We hope for less rain and faster service, shorter commutes and longer weekends. We click and scroll, hunting for second-shaving apps and fast-track diets. 

We make time for the grocery and the gym, oil changes and birthday parties.

But rarely if ever do we just make time for...time.

I've been acutely aware of this since I met GJ Gerner back in September. GJ was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma Brain Cancer in September of 2017. Most faced with this reality have ten months to live.

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Stachestrong Family

I visited the family at their home in Vestal, NY where I was treated like family from the moment I walked in the door. I was inspired by the unstoppable force of positivity and determination they exude.

The Gerner's story will take you from GJ's diagnosis through the genesis of StacheStrong, onto Washington, DC for the Biden Cancer Summit, the inaugural StacheStrong 5K, and finally, the New York City Marathon. But this is just the beginning of the movement.

You'll learn as you watch the three episodes below how the Gerner family united around GJ's positive outlook and formed StacheStrong, a research foundation dedicated to "flipping the script" on GBM by finding long-term treatments, and eventually, a cure.

Recently, GJ celebrated his 30th birthday - over a year after he was diagnosed. He's still running, still fighting, and still quick with a joke.

My hope is that the StacheStrong story inspires you not only to join the Gerners on their quest, but to remember to make time for yourself, and for the ones you love.

This ride we're on is a gift, and we'd better be soaking it up. Thanks for the perspective, Geej.  - Donate to StacheStrong