If You Like It Then You Better Put ID On It

If You Like It Then You Better Put ID On It

These 5 couples made ROAD iD a part of their love stories. After all, you can't spell CUPID without iD.

There’s no better way to show you care than personalized peace of mind. That's why these 6 couples turned to ROAD iD when it was time to take their relationships to the next level.

After all, you can’t spell CUPID without ID.

Katerena and Shaun 

Shaun was carrying precious cargo as he pedaled to the top of Bear Mountain with his girlfriend, Katerena. Hidden in his cycling pouch was an Apple Watch ID engraved with those special words, "Will You Marry Me?" After reaching the overlook, Shaun handed over the ID. 

"We are both cyclists so it was just so clever," Katerena said. Obviously, I said yes!"

Lauren and Drew 

When Drew was ready to propose, he got down on one knee and asked Lauren the magic question: Will you be my emergency contact forever and ever?

“It was such a thoughtful and personal way to propose,” Lauren said. “I said yes!”

Chris and Laurie 

Folks who choose to take their spouse’s last name will need to update their name in over 20 different places, experts say. Chris decided to get a head start on the process with a sweet pre-wedding surprise for Laurie.

"My wife's birthday is July 2, and we were to be married on July 25, 2015,” Chris said. “She already had a ROAD iD, but I thought it would be nice to get her an “updated” version. The other reason was this would be the first time she would see her first name with my last name. I also made sure to put my contact info followed by “husband” behind it. It was, of course, a home run and she loved it. The rest is history and we have been happily married for almost 5 years now.”

Devon and Dean

Devon had been dropping hints about a new ROAD iD to her then-boyfriend, Dean, for several months. Dean figured it was the perfect opportunity to pop the question. 

He ordered Devon's ROAD iD engraved with Will you marry me? and even changed her last name on the new ID.

“He told me my last name was accidentally spelled wrong,” Devon said of the moment Dean handed her the ID. But she quickly realized it wasn’t actually a mistake. She, of course, said Yes.

Liv and Jay

Taking a relationship to the next level can mean many things— moving in together, getting engaged, or tying the knot. For Liv and her Jay, it meant adding each other as emergency contacts. After all, that’s a major responsibility.

“We Said Yes!” Liv captioned her Instagram post. “Jay and I got new ROAD iDs that now include each other’s contact info! My biggest fear when running and biking is getting hit by a car. I'm lucky to live near so many paths, but now I feel just that much safer in case something did happen.”

Amber and Dylan

On her wedding day, Amber turned to ROAD iD for a meaningful gift to her new husband, Dylan.

“My husband is a cyclist and has been hit by cars twice. I cannot tell you the peace of mind his ROAD iD gives me,” Amber said. "My gift to him at our wedding was his new ID and it was very special for both of us!”