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In 2016, one in 54 children in the U.S. was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). If your child was diagnosed as living with autism, they’re not alone. 

While this might be comforting to some parents, others realize that it doesn’t fix the primary challenge that comes with living with ASD: the stigma that others will place upon your child. The common symptoms of autism — impulsiveness, anxiety, depression, extreme concentration, poor eye contact, inappropriate social interactions — can be considered to besocially improper, and other children and adults might react negatively to it by either bullying your child for their behaviors or severely scolding them for not showing “respect.”

It’s unfortunate that we still live in a cruel society, one that is unwilling to accept the conditions others live with. But we are seeing progress, one day at a time. 

Many parents are reaching for medical alert bracelets to combat the stereotypes that come with autism spectrum disorders and to help their children in the event they are having social troubles. Medical IDs are recommended by many ASD associations, as they are a simple way to inform others of your child’s medical condition.  

Why Medical Alert Bracelets for Autism? 

An autism ID bracelet for kids is an excellent way to protect your child while in public, especially under instances where they are having a difficult time communicating. Whether it’s with a friend’s parent, a teacher, a coach, a counselor or a medical professional, knowing your child has autism will make communicating easier. Most of all, it will teach others the lesson of patience when interacting with your child, understanding that their social interactions and behavior are informed by their condition. 

On top of that, in the event that something happens to your child, such as a medical emergency, EMTs and medical professionals will be able to act accordingly. As above, they will be able to interact with your child while knowing they have an autism disorder. Being professionally trained, they’ll be able to act accordingly to calm your child down and attempt to gain their trust to provide them with the medical attention they need. 

Stretch Medical ID

Stretch Medical ID

Things to Consider When Buying a Bracelet

When purchasing medical bracelets for kids, there’s some consideration you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to get something that your child will feel comfortable with. In terms of the medical bracelets you can buy, that means buying them a bracelet in a color they like or love. 

It can be difficult to convince your child to begin wearing something new, especially something that they have to wear every time they leave the house, so you should make sure it's something theywant to put on. We have a range of colors from blue to lime to red. We even have a swirl bracelet that’s sure to get any kid’s attention. 

Also, feel free to engrave whatever information they want. You should clearly list that they have an autism spectrum disorder, as well as any other particulars or conditions, but let them add some flair. It could be as simple as having a last line of “Bobby is obsessed w/ Star Wars” or “Olivia loves fashion!” It can make them feel a closer connection to their medical bracelet. 

Don’t Get Just One

Listen, we know kids, and we know how easily they forget and lose things. You let your kid play in the backyard, they saw an intriguing bug, followed it into the woods and they somehow returned without their shirt, having no idea where it went. 

Expect something similar to happen to their medical ID bracelet. Maybe they take it off, maybe they give it to someone to look at and they forget about it entirely. Something will happen and it will go missing. 

Rather than waiting for another one to be shipped, keep another on-hand for just such instances. It will save you from a great deal of headache going forward. 

Caring for Your Child at All Times

The life of a child with autism is difficult, whether for the stigma they will face from other children and parents or the personal challenges they will struggle with. But accepting their condition and informing others is a simple way to break the ice, delegitimize stigmas and allow them to live freely. 

Having your child wear a medical alert bracelet is a simple step towards this life. In the instances where they become anxious, impulsive, isolated or begin acting inappropriately, a nearby adult can help remediate the situation by seeing their bracelet, knowing they are not a child acting out but simply a child with a condition. 

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Part of the struggle is informing others of your child’s condition. A medical alert bracelet can provide just that when you aren’t around. 

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