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Living with epilepsy is not easy. One issue that many people struggle with is the social aspect of epilepsy, which is worrying about how your condition might impact those around you and their perception of you. Further, there’s the worry of staying safe in the event of a seizure, whether strangers—unaware of your condition—are around or if you’re completely alone. 

But you shouldn’t allow epilepsy to slow you down. You can still live life to the fullest! The simple way to remain safe while living with epilepsy is to wear a medical ID bracelet.

A medical alert bracelet for epilepsy maintains a necessary level of protection. By clearly listing your medical condition for others to see, you can receive essential help in the event you have an epileptic seizure while out in public. 

But what makes them so useful, and how do you choose the right bracelet for you? 

The characteristics of epilepsy

First off, medical ID bracelets should be worn by anyone with a medical condition; however, they should be essential for people living with epilepsy. The reason for this is the common symptoms of epilepsy, whether minor reactions or full-blown physical seizures. Symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Extreme physical jerking
  • Spells of staring
  • Loss of consciousness

While these symptoms tend to subside after a few minutes, that’s not always the case. In worse situations, epilepsy can evolve to the following levels:

  • Seizures lasting more than several minutes
  • Multiple sequential seizures
  • Unconsciousness or anaphylaxis following a seizure
  • Physical injury caused by a seizure

Why you should wear a medical alert bracelet for epilepsy

The above symptoms are the exact reason why you should wear a medical alert bracelet. If you have an epileptic seizure while in public, people around you might not be aware of your condition. If they happen to call 911, they might not be able to describe to EMTs what you’re currently dealing with. 

It will be far easier to receive help if you have that information clearly listed on your wrist. Bystanders and EMTs will be able to see you have epilepsy and will be able to react accordingly. That level of understanding is imperative to staying safe, allowing you to be treated as needed. 

We offer a variety of medical alert bracelets that can protect anyone living with epilepsy. Whether you want a fun color or a traditional bracelet, there are numerous options to choose from. If you already own an Apple Watch, you can purchase an Apple medical ID. This makes wearing your ID seamless—quite literally.  

What should be engraved on my Epilepsy Bracelet?

Whether you’re purchasing a standard medical alert bracelet or a kid’s bracelet, there are some specifics that should be engraved for your safety. In general, basic engravings for ID bracelets should include: 

  • Your name 
  • Your primary emergency contact name and number
  • Your secondary emergency contact name and number
  • Your condition
  • Any medications you’re on

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Besides that, it’s up to you what you’d like to have engraved on your medical ID bracelet. This can include general symptoms seen in your epileptic seizures to treatments that EMTs should avoid when helping you. 

And if you want to make your bracelet a little more personal, you can even add a fun fact about yourself. This could make it easier for a child to enjoy wearing their bracelet. Moreover, it’s a simple way to humanize yourself to bystanders. Once you begin receiving attention, bystanders and EMTs can talk to you about what’s engraved on your bracelet. 

Hearing about your dog, Mr. Pancakes, might be comforting when coming out of your seizure. 

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Getting the perfect bracelet for epilepsy

There’s no perfect way to protect yourself when living with epilepsy. Symptoms vary from person to person, but an epileptic attack can strike while out in public, even if you do everything you can do to avoid stimuli and reactions.

It’s important that you wear medical alert bracelets to stay safe, wherever you are. Once you find a design that fits your personality, it’s all about having the right information engraved. 

With that extra level of protection, you can help protect yourself in the event of an epileptic episode. 

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