The Ultimate Running App for Your Long Runs

The Ultimate Running App for Your Long Runs

The Ultimate Running App for Your Long Runs

While there’s nothing quite as comforting as getting up and going for a run, it poses dangers to runners who enjoy going for long runs alone. From distracted drivers to uneven pavement to loose rocks to wild animals to personal assaults, there are many different things that runners need to be wary of. 

Studies from 2019 found that nearly 80% of women reported being harassed while out on a run. But how can women and general runners stay safe while on their long runs? How can they remain prepared? Do we just accept the dangers of running alone, or can we take precautions to prepare us against the dangers of long runs? 

Besides remaining aware of your surroundings and simply preparing for your long runs — say by hydrating, bringing along carb-loaded foods and wearing illuminating clothes that make you easily seen by oncoming motorists — you can protect yourself by carrying the ROAD iD running app. Easily downloaded to your phone, available on Android and iOS devices, our running app is designed to provide you with personal security every mile of your long run. 

Consider our running app to be your personal pacesetter. We’ll stay with you from the start of your run all the way to the finish line, tracking your whereabouts while providing you with a personal panic button if you’re ever in serious need of assistance. 

Stellar on its own, you’re provided even more security when pairing the running app with medical alert jewelry. In case of serious injury, you can remain protected by carrying your personal information on you, notifying someone of your identity and health when in need. 

How does the ROAD iD Running Safety App work, and what makes it the ultimate running app for your long runs? 

How the ROAD iD running app works

How It Works

The ROAD iD running app is designed to work for you and with you. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to put it to use, either. You can get started with the ROAD iD app in no time by following three simple steps. 

When you first download the app, it will ask you what your preferred form of exercise is. We support activities such as running, walking and cycling — any type of activity that will see you covering significant distance. This will ensure you have proper tracking for whatever it is you’re doing while on the move. 

Second, the app will ask your guardians. You can add a maximum of three guardians to your profile. These are people who will be notified when you are in need of assistance — more on that later. This includes when you stop moving for a specific period of time or if you place an S.O.S. signal to your guardians. 

The guardians you choose should be people you most trust in life, especially those who are quick to respond. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to contact them, expecting them to react accordingly for your safety. 

Last, you should be sure to use the running app with regularity. Every time you use the app, your data will be securely stored inside of the app, such that it can be studied to determine your performance. This means the app doubles as a means of tracking your athletic gains while keeping you safe. 

Whether you’re cycling on open roads or running in the woods, you can remain safe while keeping track of how well you’re performing from day to day. 

using phone while on run

A Trail of Breadcrumbs

Our running safety app won’t let you relive the tale of Hansel and Gretel, but it will allow you to leave a trail behind for others to follow — if needed. 

The danger to long runs is the distance you’re covering. You have a long way to go, from start to finish, and that means you’ll have a lot of ground to cover. If people don’t know where it is you’re going, they’ll have trouble finding you when in need of assistance. 

When downloaded to your phone and the app is engaged, when you start your run, the running app will begin tracking where it is you’re going. This is known as our patented eCrumb technology. The ROAD iD app uses geolocation- and time-based breadcrumbs to track where you’ve been throughout your run. 

The app keeps you safe by allowing your guardians to track your location while you’re exercising. Moreover, it will instantly notify your guardians if you come to a stop for a considerable amount of time. 

Why is this an important feature? Say you stop to re-tie your shoes or catch a breather. That’s not a cause for concern, nor will the app pick that up as a sign of an emergency. However, say if you stop moving for ten minutes and your geolocation shows no signs of movement. That could be a sign that you’re having a medical emergency, whether due to injury, diabetes, stroke, a heart condition or some other existing condition. 

If the app notices you have stopped moving and are in need of assistance, it will send a signal out to your guardians, alerting them of your last known location such that they can call for assistance and/or check on you themselves. For runners, it’s one of the simplest ways to stay safe. Listen to your favorite podcast and leave traces of breadcrumbs behind for others to find wherever you go. 

tracking your route

Track Your Route

By leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind for you, the ROAD iD app is also tracking your run. Collected GPS data — the combination of geolocation and time-based data — produces a map of your run as well as mile times and more. It’s like having a personal Strava app with an S.O.S. function stored on your phone. 

This information is important to have, as it makes it easy for you to also understand how you’re performing over time. Suddenly you can see where your workouts are lacking and when you’re performing at your best. This information can be used to better tailor your workouts, ensuring that you can get the most out of every workout you take on. 

Suddenly, you can keep track of your runs, map your location and protect yourself all within one app. No having to download three separate apps to do the same for you. You can protect yourself and improve your athletic condition with just the ROAD iD running app. 

Sending Out an S.O.S.

runner with injured leg resting

As mentioned previously, one of the greatest aspects of our running app is that it allows runners to reach out to others when they are in need of serious assistance. While your Apple Watch medical alert bracelet will protect, it won’t provide immediate help: It requires someone finding you following having had an accident or a medical emergency. 

However, our S.O.S. function makes it easy for guardians to find you immediately. There’s no struggle hoping that someone will notice you. Rather, you have the comfort knowing that they’ll have direct breadcrumbs showing just where you are. 

In the event of an emergency, you can remain calm, knowing your family and friends are nearby, ready to act, either on their own or by calling local law enforcement and emergency services for assistance. 

How the ROAD iD Running Safety App Is Built for You

As mentioned, we designed the ROAD iD Running App with runners in mind. We understand that you require seamlessness to maintain momentum, to allow every step to progress upon the last. That’s why we made an app that covers all your bases.

ROAD iD app ecrumb technology

Keep track of where you are at all times, sharing your information with others, thanks to our patented eCrumb technology. Use those eCrumbs to also keep track of your runs, gathering information to better understand your mileage, pace and more. Last, you can receive immediate assistance in the event of an emergency, sending out an S.I.S. signal to get help when you need it. 

Making the Most of the App 

The way to get the most out of the ROAD iD running tracker app is to pair it with a medical alert bracelet. By pairing the two together, you can aptly carry your personal information in a place where people can see it thanks to your medical bracelet, all while being able to track your location with the running tracker app. 

While you let the app do most of the work, your medical alert bracelet can carry the rest of your information. You should include the following information on your engraved bracelet: 

  • Your name
  • Your primary contact’s information
  • Your medical conditions
  • Allergies you have
  • Any other relevant information

black medical id bracelet

It’s a simple way to guarantee that you’re carrying the information relevant to keeping you safe. 

Don’t take your chances on your next long run. It’s not worth risking your safety to get in a decent training run. Instead, make sure that you remain safe by carrying a personal guardian right in your pocket. The ROAD iD Running App makes that easy by tracking your whereabouts, placing breadcrumbs and keeping you connected with friends and family wherever you go. 


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