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The ROAD iD Personal Safety App for Runners Anywhere in the World

The Road iD Personal Safety App for Runners Anywhere in the World

Staying safe while running alone is no easy task. It’s difficult, too, as there’s no easy way to escape the stress when trying to get in a good workout. How do you shirk that stress – simply patting it away – to enjoy your workout without putting yourself at danger

There’s an easier way to stay safe, without it impacting your workout. The Road iD personal safety app is a simple way to carry safety right on your waist. 

Our running tracker app is designed to provide you with the best security, like a personal pacesetter who keeps an eye on you from start to finish. The app follows you wherever you go to keep you safe, mapping your run while also helping you carry a personal panic button wherever you go. 

Combined with a medical bracelet, it’s the best way to stay safe as a runner conquering the trails and routes of the globe. But what makes it so unique, and how does it help you stay safe while on the run?

Track Your Route

Don’t rely on multiple apps to track your run and your progress. Our app allows you to track your adventures in real time. The app will map your exercise out for you, keeping track of your route, pace, mileage and overall time. As a whole, it can be used to inform one workout after another, allowing you to understand how you’re performing over time. 

Also, your dearest family members and friends can watch you in real time, tracking your activity as it happens. Consider it your guardian angel while on the run. We’re there, tracking your activity as it happens, all while allowing those you trust to keep an eye out for your well-being. 

Create a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Along with allowing others to track your progress as you take on your workout, the Personal Safety App goes a step further. The app also leaves little breadcrumbs behind that allow you to remain as safe as possible. 

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Known as our patented eCrumb technology, the Road iD app leaves little geolocation and time breadcrumbs behind while you exercise. The technology works by putting out a signal once you come to a complete, sudden halt. Running like normal and then come to a complete stop? Nothing will happen if it’s only for a moment, as you may be stretching your calves. But suddenly stop moving for a few minutes? That’s cause for concern. It could be a sign of a heart attack, a stroke or worse. 

In the event that you halt all movement for a worrisome amount of time, the eCrumb technology will reach out to the guardians you have assigned to the app. Your assigned guardians are the family and friends you trust with your personal information and whereabouts. They are the people who will be able to track you while you exercise, and they are the ones who will be notified if you ever come to a complete stop. 

But your guardians receive more than just that. 

Send Out an S.O.S. When You Need It Most

Along with being notified by eCrumb technology, your guardians will also be notified in a worst case scenario: when you are in immediate need of help. In the case of the Personal Safety App, that means clicking on the S.O.S. button. 

This button is your call for help when you’re most in need. If you’re in a serious emergency, you can reach out to your loved ones by simply opening the app and hitting the S.O.S. button. In a moment’s notice, they will receive verification that you have reached out for help. They will also be notified of the time of your S.O.S. contact as well as your geolocation. With that, they can immediately reach out to help, as well as call local law enforcement and emergency services to guarantee that you are safe.

How It Works

Our app is designed to be easy and seamless for any user, whether they’re tech-savvy or not. All it takes is three steps to get started using the Road iD app.

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First, you decide what your preferred activity of exercise is. This can include walking, running, cycling and more – anything that will have you on the go, moving around for a good amount of time and for some distance. 

Second, you’ll add up to three guardians. These guardians are the people who will be notified in the instances where you suddenly stop while working out. They’ll also receive a notification when you call out for an S.O.S. 

It’s essential that you choose people who you can rely on, those who are willing to reach out for you when you’re in need. These can be your closest relatives or your dearest friends – whoever you trust most of all. 

Lastly, you’re going to be able to start using the app to track your progress. Every activity will be stored and evaluated to show you how you’re performing over time. Best of all, you never have to worry about a potential accident, whether it’s a sprained ankle while out in the woods or a cycling crash on a street that’s out of the way. With Road iD, you’re protected. 

How the Road iD Running Safety App Is Built for You

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What is it that makes the Road iD app perfectly suited for runners? It’s designed with the needs of athletes in mind. Yet it expands on these needs even further. And it’s more than a helping hand.

The Road iD Running Safety App is like an innovative training partner. The eCrumbs technology makes the app into a personal supporter from the start of your run. It tracks your personal route throughout your run, allowing you to track both your pace and mileage. But the technology goes further than that, allowing you to instantaneously reach out to family and friends if you ever stop moving. 

Add to that that you can carry an S.O.S. button right in your pocket, where you can immediately reach out to family and friends when in need, and it’s the perfect safety app for hikers, cyclists, walkers, runners and more. Anyone and everyone on the go can be safe when carrying Road iD in their pocket. 

Pairing the App with a Medical Alert Bracelet

While the Road iD running tracker app is a perfect, simple way to stay safe while running anywhere in the world, it’s best to improve its usefulness by pairing it with a medical alert bracelet. 

They provide an excellent benefit to anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, as they allow you to carry your personal medical information wherever you go. Information that can be engraved into your medical alert bracelet includes: 

what to engrave bracelet

  • Your name
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • Existing medical conditions
  • Allergies
  • Complications related to your medical condition and certain treatments

They serve an excellent purpose by providing you with a lifeline in the event of an emergency. For instance, if you collapse due to a diabetic seizure, a stranger might find you and have no idea of what caused your sudden collapse. They call emergency medical services (EMS) and they’re not sure what to tell them except, “I found a person. They’re unconscious and aren’t responding to any stimuli. They cracked their head open.” 

However, with a medical alert bracelet, you can carry your relevant medical information right on your wrist. Now, when that stranger finds you and goes to call EMS, they’ll have more informed things to say, like, “I found this person, John/Jane Doe lying on the side of the road. They’re unconscious and aren’t responding to any stimuli. They cracked their head open. They’re wearing a bracelet that says they have Type 2 Diabetes, have high blood pressure and are allergic to latex.”  

That alone is enough to provide a better picture of your overall medical condition. That alone is enough to inform medical personnel of what could have caused your medical emergency. 

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For runners already using the Personal Safety App on their iPhone, you can make the most of an alert bracelet by wearing an Apple Watch medical alert bracelet. It connects directly to your Apple Watch, making it easy to carry your personal medical information wherever you go.

Running alone can be dangerous, which is why it’s important to bring along a friend. Carry a friend who can travel right in your pocket. The ROAD iD personal safety app is the simple way to stay safe while on the go. 

From tracking your whereabouts to giving you a lifeline to friends and family, you can keep peace of mind while getting to your next workout. 


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