Running Safety Gear: 7 Must-Haves from Team ROAD iD

Running Safety Gear: 7 Must-Haves from Team ROAD iD

Running safety is important. It’s so important that 20+ years ago we started ROAD iD with the goal to save lives, provide peace of mind, and fuel adventure. We’ve even touched on it in the past with 9 Safety Tips for Running Alone, and Your Guide to Outdoor Exercise. 

Tips and rules are always helpful and should be taken into consideration when it comes to safety, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of a boost. The boost being gear that you can have on your person when you’re out running on your own. We’ve asked our amazing, beautiful, talented, intelligent group of Team ROAD iD Ambassadors to add their two cents on what safety gear they swear by. 

1.) Noxgear Visibility Vest 

This was a popular one with ROAD iD Ambassadors! Noxgear has an LED Safety Vest that has so many cool features, we were like “seriously, there’s more?!”

You have color choices galore with flashing modes and still options for you to choose from. See a cloud in the sky? That’s okay, it’s waterproof! The vest is also completely rechargeable with up to 20 hours of battery life.

If you have a furry friend with you, be sure to look at their pet vest as well. Both vests feature 360 visibility up to ¼ mile away.

Let’s get visible: Noxgear Visibility Vest

2.) Birdie Personal Safety Alarm 


Birdie is a portable alarm system that uses a siren (a 130 decibel siren to be exact, equivalent to a jet taking off.) It also includes a flashing strobe light to draw attention and deter an attack. You can throw Birdie into a bag or hook it up to your keys with the brass keychain included with your purchase. 

Bonus perks: The co-founders are sisters and a percentage of profits from every alarm purchased to their partner organizations that support women’s safety, shelter, and health. 

Check it out yourself: Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

3.) ROAD iD (of course!) 

Our IDs have you covered in any situation, but it is especially important to have your ID on you when you run alone. In case of an emergency you can have your name, medical information, and emergency contacts right where others can find it.

Reliability is never in question with the Lifetime Guarantee on engravings, if your ID becomes worn, faded, or scratched for any reason we are happy to replace this for you at no extra cost. 

Find your perfect fit: ROAD iD Wrist IDs

4.) Go Guarded Ring 

The Go Guarded Ring is a self-defense weapon that fits onto your finger, but provides peace of mind with a plastic serrated-edge. Definitely a first! Jodi Fisher, the founder of Go Guarded, was actually inspired to make this product while running solo when a wrong turn had her feeling uncomfortable.

Are rings not your thing? Go Guarded offers other products including more self defense tools and an alarm.

Get guarded here: Go Guarded Ring

5.) Brooks Run Visible Leggings and Jacket

We are all about looking great and being comfortable while staying safe. Brooks is right there with us! 

If you’re going to be running after the sun sets their Run Visible Leggings and Jacket have you shining through the night. The Run Visible collection features other items as well like shoes, gloves, and even socks.

Ladies, here’s an exciting fact: the leggings have pockets. Seriously. 

Shine bright: Brooks Run Visible Collection

6.) ROAD iD App 

Did you know we have an app? We’ve had a recent update and completely changed the way it looks and operates to fit our users’ needs.

Not only does our app record your speed, distance, and location - but there are stationary alerts that are sent out to your set Guardians. If you are stationary for more than 5 minutes a text is sent to your chosen Guardians with an alert that you have not moved as well as a live map they can follow to grab your exact location. Wanna stop and grab a coffee? That’s completely fine, alerts can be paused until you’re ready to hit the road again.

The ROAD iD App is available on the App Store and Google Play for $2.99 USD monthly, or $29.99 USD per year.

7.) Running Belt 


Last, but definitely not least, ROAD iD Ambassadors suggest a running belt. You need a place to store your keys, phone, money, and the self defense items we have listed here. A running belt has you covered with maximum storage in minimal space.

You won’t feel a bag moving as you run or have to worry about your hands being full. There are many different styles of running belts out there and you’re bound to find your perfect match.

When in doubt, belt it out: SPIbelt

Thanks again to our team of experts ambassadors that took the time to share their favorites with us. Stay safe when running solo!