Hiker enjoying mountain scenery

Outdoor Adventures Made Safer

Summer is upon us and this means one thing: it’s time to get outside! Correction: It’s time to enjoy your time outside. In order to maximize your outdoor adventures, you need to take your safety into consideration.

Whether it’s triple-checking your gear is ready to go, or a fully customizable ID that is both comfortable and sleek, when it comes to staying safe you have options! 


Solo adventures are calling your name, we get it, but it’s important to keep in mind that the outdoors can be as dangerous as it is beautiful.

A lot of unexpected and unwelcome adventures can arise. Uneven terrain can add to the potential of injuries, giving a bit of a disadvantage to your choice to adventure alone. Not to mention, you could get lost in the vast woods. A very real circumstance that could occur is losing your way in the woods and being ill-equipped. You could have forgotten a flashlight, you didn’t expect to need extra water or food, your phone has died. These could easily happen!

Being alone seems to be a disadvantage here, but there are steps you can take to be as prepared as possible! We’ve collected some of the best tips for you to stay safe and get the most out of your adventures. Take out your notebook, you’re going to want to remember these. If you think someone in your life could use these tips, go ahead and share this with them too!


Literally. You should always know exactly where you will be going, as well as potential roadblocks you may encounter while you’re there.

a person reviewing a map by a mountain range

The weather doesn’t have to rain on your parade, either. Don’t forget to check the weather to get an idea of any extras you may need!


Let someone know where you’re going! Give them all the details: where you’ll be, what you’re doing, how long you expect your activities to take, and when you anticipate being home. If you can give at least one person all of this information they can keep an eye out for any updates on your whereabouts. This can be made easier with the ROAD iD App, your chosen Guardian will receive your location and be able to track you in real time. They will be notified if you are stationary for more than five minutes as well! You can learn more about the App here.

Something to keep in mind as well, share your emergency contacts with this person! They can make the call to…well, make the call to your loved ones if you’ve been unresponsive or have not arrived home in the timeframe you had set.


Even Dora the Explorer knew how important a backpack was! Opt-in for a hiker backpack, especially if you plan on being out for a few hours. It’ll come in handy with making sure you can carry everything you could possibly need. Namely some extra food and water for when chasing the horizon runs a bit longer than expected.

Consider bringing it back to the stone-age (just kidding) and bring along a compass and map! If it’s good enough for the kids in Stranger Things, it’s good enough for you. Technology can be great, but it can also be unreliable. Avoid dead batteries and no service and replace them with magnetic fields and self-service.

Yes, technology can be unreliable. That being said, when it helps it HELPS! Bring your phone along for the journey, it can play an invaluable role in getting you back to safety. Take advantage of its location features, whether that’s finding your place on a map and getting directions or sharing your location with someone for them to check in on your whereabouts. Don’t forget to charge your phone before you set out for your journey and keep a portable charger with you just in case! Just keep the music to a minimum, it’s important to always be listening and aware of your surroundings. Feel free to blast Billy Joel when you’re in less danger of an attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack.


We’re sure your outfit is Fashion Week-worthy, but your look can be just as functional as it is fashionable.

Reflective gear is a great way to stay visible in low light! If you’re anticipating being out and about after the sun goes down, check out some different Hi-Vis gear.

types of reflective gear

This is especially helpful if you will be out on the road - we’ve all been frightened by people walking in dark clothes that come out of nowhere! You can find anything in Hi-Vis! Your hat, pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, and even socks are among the countless options to make sure you can be seen. Pairing with neon clothing doesn’t hurt either!


Your information, all in one place. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Wearable ID brings peace of mind to you and your loved ones when you’re taking on the world!

Any medical conditions are important to have available in case of an emergency. If you have a chronic illness, an important surgery to make note of, or an allergy it is even more important to have these details on your person just in case you cannot speak for yourself.
medical identification engraving information

Whether it’s on your wrist or attached to your favorite watch, your ID can make all the difference in making sure you get home safe and sound. This even gives you more room in your pack since your ID is right there on your person! 


Go dig in the back of your closet and get your beloved gear dusted off and ready for adventure. Hopefully we could help give you some ideas of how to double-down on safety while you soak up the sunshine! Go ahead, enjoy the great outdoors. It’s waiting for you!